Two pockets

Each person should have two pockets. In each pocket, he or she should carry a slip of paper on which is written one of these two citations. As the occasion arises, one should extract and read the slip appropriate to the specific situation. If one becomes too haughty and proud, one should be aware that ‘I am dust and ashes’; and if one becomes too self-abusing and depressed, then one should extract the slip that reads ‘for my sake the world was created’.

Rabbi Bunim of Peshischa, quoted in Everything Has Two Handles by Ronald Pies

I found this quote on Oliver Burkeman’s excellent blog. Today, it seems profound.

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2 Responses to Two pockets

  1. Ashalpaca says:

    I’d put them both through the washing machine


  2. Heh! Yeah, same. Or I’d get the pockets confused and look at the self-abusing one when I should be looking at the haughty one.


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