Brine by Jason Levesque (Stuntkid)

I’m guilty of it. We’re all guilty of it.

“So, how’s the new job/house/piano/baby/dog?” asks your friend at the pub/nice lady at the dairy/mum/finance guy at work who you always see in the kitchenette and to whom you have nothing, NOTHING to say and to whom anything you DO say comes out sounding ludicrous and somehow you always part with a non-sequitur such as “I haven’t had a kebab for ages.”

“Well,” we sigh.

We know what we’re going to say. S/he knows what we’re going to say.

“It’s all been a bit of a learning curve.”

Our acquaintance nods sagely. Now we’re speaking the same language. We’ve all been on the curve. We were born on the curve. We live on the curve, die on the curve. We progress into the afterlife by way of a curving staircase.

What is this curve? How did we get on it? Were we summoned? Why must it be a curve, why can’t it be a crease, a drift, a trench? Once you’re on the curve, can you get off?

The idea that worthwhile learning always progresses in a graceful, logical curve goes against everything we know about ourselves – namely that we are fickle and forgetful, that experiences impose themselves upon us at times when our curvy learning antennae have folded away for the night, and that we know lots of stuff we have no recollection of learning. Some knowledge has just always been there, like the corner dairy.

A swift google scan tells me I’m wrong. The curve is where it’s at.

  • Jeff admits there’s “a pretty steep learning curve in sailing a gaff-rig cutter.”
  • “Toastmasters has been a learning curve and my husband Rod has really been the backbone of my time in Toastmasters,” says Connie McCleod.
  • We do all that we can to give our young horses experiences that will help them when they take on the steep learning curve of learning to be racehorses.
  • He’s going to be given the latitude of the learning curve, at least in the early going.
  • Learning curve blamed for convention centre toilet backup
  • Advanced analysis tools, such as HyperSizer, will accelerate the learning curve.
  • There is a stiff learning curve when green MPs arrive in Ottawa, said Liberal MP Scott Andrews.
  • McIlroy’s is a unique education that would crush most others, a cruel learning curve that would send most phenoms to early retirement.
  • “The learning curve he’s on at the moment, if he keeps going that way he’ll play this year because he’ll force his way in,” said Majak Daws’s coach.
  • The real key to the advanced learning curve is that Hedman seems to realise that he doesn’t have to be everything.
  • Indonesian media people are in the learning curve perhaps. Getting out of the cocoon takes a little time.

It seems that, for now at least, learning is curvacious.

OK, fine. But what I’d like to see is the line between where our brains leave off and where Google picks up. What does does that line look like? Once we start outsourcing all of our important peripheral brain functions to the silicon in the machines around us, what good will our curves be then, eh?

Paradise is not so bad by Adski Kafeteri

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