This morning when I looked out my window

they were the first thing I noticed.

I saw them flocking outside my house.

I like to look at them from the back window.

I get the sun there. Yes, I wondered

why we were having hens but now I see.

Some people don’t have much to say

but if you put a hen on their knee it brings them to life.

I’m not fast on me feet. I have bother with me eyes.

Everything seems to go downhill.

I’ve got friends that can’t get out.

I would go back to when I was younger.

I try not to think about dying.

I’ve made no plans for dying. I haven’t paid for anything.

I’d be terrified if they made a mistake.

I do love everything about living though.

I love being able to hear even though I wear hearing aids.

I like to look out me window and see the leaves

like a blanket on the ground. I love the autumn.

I love the hens.

They’re beautiful.

I couldn’t imagine life without them.

They’re everything to me.


A found poem from HenPower, a project run by Equal Arts to brings together older people and hen-keeping, to combat loneliness and depression.

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