The ‘too many books in the world’ giveaway

I’ve never done a ‘giveaway’ before, partly because it seems like only proper bloggers do giveaways, and partly because I don’t normally have things to give away, but because this year I have been paid for a few bits and pieces in book vouchers, I have a surfeit of book vouchers! I never get around to using them because I forget to take them into bookstores with me and am too distracted and lazy to ever place the vouchers permanently in my bag so that they’ll be there when I need them, so instead I just buy books spontaneously with ordinary money. And, to be honest, I have many books to read before I even think about buying more. In fact I must now be prevented from buying any more. Someone would be doing me a favour if you took these godforsaken book vouchers off my hands.

I have a $100 Booksellers card (expires March 2018), a $40 Booksellers card (expires August 2018), and a VicBooks gift voucher of $45 (it doesn’t say anything about an expiry). You can use the Booksellers one at any bookstore, but you can only use the VicBooks one at a VicBooks store.

If you would like me to send you one of these vouchers, please write a poem of no more than three lines and post it as a comment. The poem must mention Jerry, who is pictured in various settings below. I’ll pick the three poems I like best (that’s if I even get three poems. i.e. if only one person comments then they can have all the vouchers). The competition closes on 5pm Sunday 19 November.

Any comments saying that it is bad behaviour to give away book vouchers will be deleted.







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60 Responses to The ‘too many books in the world’ giveaway

  1. jeronz says:

    My name is Jerry, and I ain’t rude
    Unlike the funny little dog
    Who come and steal yo’ food

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  2. Ms A says:

    Here’s to you, merry Jerry!
    Marshmallow fluff with a tiger tail.
    Splendid, very!

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  3. Gem Wilder says:

    The first cat in space
    Jerry’s bucket of moon rocks
    Toes afloat, no gravity

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  4. Claudia Jardine says:

    My name is Jerry and I’m a cat
    I stretch my toe but you MUSTN’T TOUCH THAT


  5. David Parker says:

    I love the pictures of Jerry
    He is my favourite cat
    I don’t even want the book vouchers

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  6. Elizabeth says:

    Jerry, you extra big single scoop
    Bower-bird Jerry
    best not taken by your stripy handle

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  7. Mike says:

    This is Jerry the tom to Ground Control
    I’m in my furry capsule and feeling very still
    I hope that dinner won’t consist of just a protein pill

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  8. rrhood says:

    Orangina, Orangina
    How I love your small toe bean

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  9. That white fluff belly
    Jerry struggles on the street
    but truth tell prefers to snuggle on sheets

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  10. Nat says:

    Today there is no sun outside of sun, and Jerry
    is okay with that, lounging noble on the ground
    not waiting.

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  11. beans says:

    A loaf
    A sausage, a soft-boiled egg.
    A feast of fancy, Jerry.

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  12. Two years’ worth of books to collect on my next trip home
    Unity Books should prepare itself for a whopping sales day sometime in Feb
    Or does Jerry the Spacecat deliver to Berlin?

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  13. Little fist, a cat paw
    (Never say moon, stars or bone)
    Jerry spit-swore I could have a book voucher

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  14. David Long says:

    Oh tiny bird
    Will you be eaten
    By Jerry the cat

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  15. Marita says:

    So much depends
    Upon a Jerry in your timeline
    Right when you need him most

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  16. Karen says:

    Panther-like, Jerry strides
    into the blustery Wellington night
    paws, sharp knife… Gareth Morgan in his sights

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  17. Heather and Mae and Jean says:

    This is my poem:

    Jerry, the ring-tailed lounger
    warm concrete
    one pesky fly.

    5 yr old Mae would also like to enter. This is her poem.

    Once upon a time there was a cat named Jerry
    Who rode his bike everywhere
    And his tail was stripy.

    Her big sister Jean (7) would also like to enter. This is her poem.

    Once there was a cat named Jerry,
    Who lived in a house on a hill,
    His owner’s name was Ashleigh and he wanted to go to school.

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  18. Ivy says:

    Just within the cat, a promise
    resonant as a purr.

    (Jerry’s name’s embedded in first and last letters of lines 1 & 2 , and first letter of line 3.)

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  19. Jane!!! says:

    I remember when you came to live with Ashleigh
    and it was great then, too. This year, all men are assholes
    but not you, Jerry, not you.

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  20. Benedict Reid says:

    Jerry’s like aerials
    A cat broadcasting all his body parts

    but it’s furry furry furry
    (After Eileen Myles)

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  21. Jake says:

    Just another day, sat on the fence
    Resting, sniffing, surveying the border
    Yesterdays the same, ever since I was young

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  22. She’s been mopping again and I’m slung—exhausted—
    across raspy concrete,
    Sun warming fur, evaporating rails of wet foam.

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  23. Oh seal pup, oh orange otter –
    Why do you look like a cloud,
    A tawny summer sand hopper.

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  24. Never fear Jerry dear, Christmas is near, I wonder oh what you will wear
    You’re my favourite cat in hat, how’s that you not so fat cat
    Please don’t go near Gareth Morgan, he’ll scare you with his vocal I love birds organ

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  25. thys jerrye boye he’m flex hys toes
    an crinkle up hys little noes
    for wen ye pet, hys purr doth groe

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  26. Anisette says:

    Oh white, furred, cuddle-slug
    nestled in your woollen hollow.
    Murdering birds is for tomorrow.

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  27. Amy says:

    Sometimes I feel as though I’m simply a lump
    And then I think
    Jerry’s a lump, so it can’t be that bad

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  28. caro says:


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  29. Steph says:

    Brave Jerry
    A gift of trust
    Soft belly revealed

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  30. Megan Kelly says:

    I’ve recently learned the word “gerrymandering”
    And now every time I hear it,
    I think of you, Jerry.

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  31. Arlo age 7 says:

    Jerry Jerry climbed up the tree, Jerry Jerry fell down the tree/
    He landed in a space capsule, he flew away/
    Bye bye Jerry

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  32. Tom age 11 says:

    Snuggle up, blast off…
    While we’re lying in the sun.
    Oh and Jerry that’s the spot.

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  33. Eamonn says:

    Jerry is twelve feet tall, which is big for a cat,
    and carries Ashleigh to work everyday then
    takes a nap by the heater

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  34. Madison Hamill says:

    To look at Jerry is to see what it is to be at home
    in a body, in a spaceship
    in which he has never once dreamed of taking off

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  35. Jerry – where do you think Ashleigh goes, when she goes?
    Or DO you think of Ashleigh? Just how zen ARE cats?
    Your impassive face when Ashleigh returns: the takeaway order duly delivered.

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  36. From Big Red and Beck
    To Jerry and more, We can
    Tolerate this again

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  37. Mia says:


    Kerrrr. Kiiiiii. Kerrrr. Kiiiiii.
    Space purring.
    Jerry watched earth float away.

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  38. Jax says:

    Ballerina slippers, a forest axe
    This time a velvet suit
    I see you from the shore, Jerry, you’ve marched this earth before.

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  39. Grisham says:

    Hairy Jerry soft and fat.
    Wary Jerry, don’t eat that!
    Cheery Jerry wondrous cat.

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  40. Bridget says:

    Give them to the kids
    and hope, no more kid entries…
    …Jerry would approve

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  41. Bridget says:

    ..but if you limit
    the prize to kids, they might cry:

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  42. w.a.lee says:

    Ko Jerry tōku ingoa (My name is Jerry)
    Kei te ngenge ahau (I am weary)
    Kei te tuahuru ahau (I am hairy)

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  43. Jerry the Wanderer

    My love became human
    So I fell from the sky
    As a cat she named Jerry, the years to while by

    As far as I’m aware, there’s no Jerry without Ashleigh, and no Ashleigh without Jerry. I see in these pictures a feline who faithfully orbits you. So I wrote this poem about your souls being inexplicably linked, thinking that somehow even beyond this world you’ll always be together.

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  44. jdaldous says:

    cheeks full of cotton candy
    squinty little cherub
    everybody loves jerry

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  45. simon says:

    Jerry looks out
    and sleeps
    or maybe he’s only still who knows

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  46. Lisa says:

    Jerry, Jerry, quite contrary
    Two-tone floof who’s rather hairy
    You are a dude most legendary ♥

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  47. jowellington says:

    Jerry and PussPuss, my vicarious cats
    I warm in a sunbeam with you
    Now Spooky is a gentle weight on my heart, if not on my pillow

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  48. Lisa says:

    Inscrutable sage.
    Mighty warrior. Jerry:
    Clown. Good at sleeping.

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  49. barkerswords says:

    J-E-R-R-Y a shrunken astro-helmet guy.
    J-E-R-R-Y a bucket-headed broom-speared lie.
    Y-R-R-E-J a cat stretch moon curve ends your day.

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  50. Blank says:

    Jerry, supine divine feline
    Prone grace, the illuminated cat
    Stuff paws raised in benediction
    A ginger white Halo, beams of fur radiant
    Closed eye crescents, contented dreams with rodent themes
    I am a cat of grace, of no being
    Everything I am comes from me
    Leaving empty space behind

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