Bad News

In the morning there was a Linden tree
whose whole body looked on fire.
Its branches had grown in a desperate way.
It came closer, knowing I’d be trying to write something later
and that I would almost certainly want a tree in it.

In the afternoon a poet came to see me, worried
that her cover wasn’t blue enough,
but when she saw it she was satisfied.

I love to make a poet happy. I love to be afraid
that I will anger a poet and then to make them happy.

In the evening a family of quail gathered on the road
as I approached, and I could tell they had bad news.
But when I came close, they couldn’t
bring themselves to say it, and ran away really fast.
Tomorrow, tomorrow, they called. Not today

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3 Responses to Bad News

  1. Heather Petryna says:

    We have a large Linden tree in our front yard. We saved it as a young tree from being hacked down to make room for a drive- thru lane at a local coffee shop. This tree is now huge! The branches sweep out and I love to touch the leaves as I pass by. I know it is odd, but I can feel its gratitude, it growing so large to make us proud, so as not to regret our decision.
    Ashleigh, I could sit and read your words for hours! Thank you!

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  2. Jano says:

    I really love this poem but I can’t explain why

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  3. Zoe says:

    i rate this! Quails always make me excited (even when they have bad news) !

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