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The Tri-Suit

Today I bought a tri-suit. A tri-suit is a versatile garment that you can wear to swim, bike, and run without having to get changed in between. To make these seamless transitions possible, the tri-suit has to be sleek and all-encasing. That makes it … Continue reading

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How not to ride a bike

1974 poster by Jerzy Flisak for When the Legends Die via 50Watt Hello, the stylish people on vintage bicycles, wafting through red lights like pollen on the breeze. I’ve see your red lipstick. Your tweed. Your buttons. Your bicycles with permed … Continue reading

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Nightrider pants (three hazy clothing-related anecdotes)

There came Ezra, dressed To the nines in his velvet Jacket, pants with equestrian Seat, his cowboy hat, swinging His silver-headed cane as he Made for San Ambrogio, women Applauding him from their Windows. It was one of the Sights of … Continue reading

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