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On a long-haul flight, time stretches, warps, balloons. As we fly across time zones, in and out of days and nights, time becomes a tangible substance that we move through, like dense fog, or like water. It seems to exist … Continue reading

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A stick of dynamite

This blog has been very quiet lately, I know. In the last couple of months all of my confidence in writing, and in having anything of worth to say, has just been detonated. If we think of confidence as being … Continue reading

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Describe your street. Describe another street. Compare

Not the exotic any more, but the endotic. – Georges Perec, L’infra-ordinaire (The Infra-ordinary) Around 2004 a French author called Michel Dansel carried out a burying-the-verb ceremony at Sorbonne University in Paris. A few hundred guests attended – academics and writers, … Continue reading

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It’s been a while since I’ve written a bicycle post, so here is one. It will be the equivalent of a quick spin down to the dairy and back. While sometimes I’ve felt an overwhelming misanthropy out on the road … Continue reading

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Cut your legs off at the ankles

‘It’s a weird world out there on the flats,’ Patrick said. ‘Nothing looks the same as normal. Gulls can seem as big as eagles. Scale and distance change. It’s very easy to lose your bearings, especially at dusk or dark. … Continue reading

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Talk first to the dog

If you cross paths with someone walking a dog, do you talk first to the person or the dog? Matthew Yeager, A Jar of Balloons or The Uncooked Rice Dogs chasing my car in the desert by John Divola 1. … Continue reading

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How not to ride a bike

1974 poster by Jerzy Flisak for When the Legends Die via 50Watt Hello, the stylish people on vintage bicycles, wafting through red lights like pollen on the breeze. I’ve see your red lipstick. Your tweed. Your buttons. Your bicycles with permed … Continue reading

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Love it, hate it, live it, left it and long for it

London looks like a place that used to be something. Davy Jones, street photographer London is propulsion, it rewards those who push forward. Craig Taylor This weighty account of London is told by its people: the Londoners. Londoners: The Days … Continue reading

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London’s hair is burning

Hair is dead cells. When it’s on you, we all want to touch it, but as soon as it’s off you, in your bed or your shower, it’s suddenly, oooh, horrible. So hair’s a really weird thing. But I think … Continue reading

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The orange cone

Savage Eyes On Wednesday after work I got on my bike and rode home. At an intersection on Brixton Road I pulled up behind a big red bus. It was dark, and I could see parts of my reflection in … Continue reading

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