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Dear Bob Cunis

One of the things I did when up was up in Auckland for the writers’  festival was meet my friend Donald for breakfast one morning, on K Road, just after I had fallen over while walking to meet him. It … Continue reading

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On riding into things

Last week I rode into a swarm of bees. I realised I was going to ride into them a fraction of a second too late. The bees were coming out of a tree growing on the side of the road. … Continue reading

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The unseen ass

To this day, I’ve haven’t thought of a decent comeback. I will never have one. I don’t believe anyone really has one. It’s because there is nothing to say. There’s just nowhere intelligent to go, maybe because I don’t disagree … Continue reading

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A sense of urgency in the air

– “I have noticed that when moving trolleys through the food store … there seems to be a basic obliviousness about the patterns of motion around them, whether or not there is a sense of urgency in the air, etc.” … Continue reading

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How to get more mystery into your life

I do. I do want to be found. I do want you to find me. – Kip in The English Patient (film) I recently read this post by Oliver Burkeman about making life more mysterious. Some of the suggestions included … Continue reading

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dancing plague

You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everybody dances with the grim reaper. Rolf Alton Harris I was worried that this blog was becoming a bit girly, so I decided to use this image of a dancing … Continue reading

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