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Special time

It’s that special time of the year when people are asking themselves what to do about the social media accounts they’ve deactivated for the holidays. ‘Should I go back,’ they’re asking, ‘and if so when? Should it be soon or … Continue reading

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I’m at my parents’ house for a few days. The radio is almost always on. It’s talkback radio. I think it’s Newstalk ZB. New Zealand’s #1 Talk Station. During the day, the talkback radio is overlaid with the tennis commentary … Continue reading

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We should catch up. Let’s catch up

1. I started out this morning thinking maybe I’d write something about Poetry Night (which, by the way, you should record a poem for and send to me immediately) but I got distracted by the Frank O’Hara poem where Frank sees a note on … Continue reading

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Faces and nonface faces

‘The cost of missing a face is higher than the cost of declaring a nonface to be a face.’ Dr. Sinha of M.I.T., quoted in ‘Faces, Faces, Everywhere’ (NYT)  I had this idea for trying to write a blog post … Continue reading

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The point at the end of the world

“When Bill Clinton was inaugurated,” Alpert (Herb) said, “they had ten saxophone players at the party. It was mostly the young guns, but Gerry Mulligan was in there too. Afterward, he called me and said, ‘Man, you know, these young … Continue reading

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Don’t you know who I am in my head?

Two or three years ago I taught a course in prose and discovered my students were watching the soap operas every morning and afternoon. I don’t know when they studied. So I watched two or three just to see what … Continue reading

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“Most days I will have a hammer in my hand”: An interview with Lindsay Pope

I met Lindsay in 2009 during our MA year at Victoria University. He is first and foremost a poet. Sometimes when I look at myself first thing in the morning, his line “I look like a cardigan from St. Vincent … Continue reading

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Sometimes everything seems so oh, I don’t know. – Joe Brainard Twitter is no place for a human being. – @themanwhofell I joined Twitter about four years ago. I don’t remember why. It might have been because I had something … Continue reading

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